Richard Edmondson

Richard Edmondson, Founder of Bespoke Interiors

Richard Edmondson
Founder of Bespoke Interiors

Thirty-seven years ago I recall being measured for a bespoke tailored suit. Materials, style and size all in my father’s control! The detail on the cuff of the jacket. How wide, where it sat on my hand, how many buttons. I have to say I enjoyed the whole experience.

This led to an easy choice of name for my company 18 years ago. We still emulate to this day the attitude and standards of a high quality tailor. Proud of making skills. Deferential but happy to lead. Knowledgeable on available materials. Flexible on style. Up to date with common trends. Prepared to be innovative.

We are looking to change your life in a small way. Not just furniture design, not just kitchen design but to awaken new possibilities in how you and your family use the space that you have entrusted us with.

There is a procedure and it is the same for somebody who has a project in Stockholm, London or in the next village to us here in Kent. It is in the first instance about listening, about close observation, about asking questions that reveal what is important to you. Our response, in the shape of drawings, specifying, costing and more conversation enables you to swiftly reach a conclusion about us.

Bespoke Interiors' Attention to Detail

Have Bespoke Interiors brought something interesting and provoking to the table? Does it meet your expectations on cost against delivery of the product and the design service proposed? Can you trust this company with your home and the aspirations you naturally have for it?

Which hopefully leads to … fifteen years later: “Can you come round and talk to us about the wine cellar/ bar area we are planning in a proposed basement design?”

There is a passion here that makes each project exciting and fulfilling for our team of designers, project managers and craftsmen. Over to You!